S1E22 - Dressed To Kill: learning Brialism with Brian Alan Ellis
S1E21 - Chainsaws vs Aliens: everything cosmic and strange with C E Hoffman
S1E20 - G’naughty by Nature: getting to the point with Adam Gnade
S1E19 - Come As You Are: an interview about literal things with Lee Matthew Goldberg
S1E18 - Sad FM: an interview with Gauraa Shekhar
S1E17 - Nonconformists Like Us: Being Real With Andrew Wilt From 11:11 Press
S1E16 - Bitchcraft: Music and Lit with Leza Cantoral
S1E15 - Off The Record: The 80's with Dmitry Samarov
S1E14 - The One With The Diet Coke Button: Weird Digressions with Dmitry Samarov
S1E13 - Every Little Thing: an interview with Taylor Johnson about life