S3E19 - Steve Gergley: We’re Not Trying To Save The World
S3E18 - Lowercase Lit Reading-Live At The Whistler
S3E17 - Off The Record with Jeff Alessandrelli: All The Looks Of Love Were Staged
S3E16 - Sam Berman: Tree God
S3E15 - Off The Record with Sam Berman: Meanwhile I’ll Be Here
S3E14 - Jillian Luft: Embrace Your Inner Scumbag
S3E13 - Off The Record with Jillian Luft: Feel I'm On Top Again
S3E12 - Some Kind Of Situationship With Kirsti MacKenzie And Mallory Smart…
S3E11 - Off The Record with John Patrick Higgins: I Started Rising
S3E10 - Music Trends and Deadly Ends with Brianna Malotke