S1E32 - Sad In A Good Way: an Interview with Jessie Lynn McMains
S1E31 - Mami Miami: an interview with Emilly Prado
S1E30 - A Podcast About Nothing: a dorky talk with Spencer Fleury
S1E29 - Therapist Gone Wild: an interview with Jeff Schneider
S1E28 - Millennial Anxiety: an interview with Blake Wallin
S1E27 - Tinder is the Touch: an interview with Nicole Morning
S1E26 - Infinite Playlists: an interview with Steve Gergley
S1E25 - The Beauty of Language and Sound: an Interview with Joseph Fasano
S1E24 - The Noise Behind The Book: An interview with Bart Schaneman
S1E23 - Before The Internet: have, has, HAD an interview with Aaron Burch