S1E39 - That Always Lives Rent Free In My Head For The Rest Of My Life: an interview with Lee Matthew Goldberg
S1E38 - Sean McCallum’s Excellent Adventure
S1E37 - Friday night and the lights are low: an interview with Mike Keren
S1E36 - When You Were Young: pivoting with Bobby Miller
S1E35 - Witchcore And Music Of The Occult: an interview with Christina Rosso
S1E34 - KKUURRTT: Sound Waves And Ramblings At The American Music Festival
S1E33 - Everybody’s Famous: an interview with Duncan Birmingham
S1E32 - Sad In A Good Way: an Interview with Jessie Lynn McMains
S1E31 - Mami Miami: an interview with Emilly Prado
S1E30 - A Podcast About Nothing: a dorky talk with Spencer Fleury