S3E7 - Adventures of Gold featuring Ari Gold
S3E6 - Ben Tanzer Will Change Your Life
S3E5 - Off The Record with Beatriz Seelaender: We'll Never Fit In
S3E4 - Patrick Barb: The Cousins of Horror
S3E3 - Off The Record with Joshua Bohnsack: First There Is A Mountain
S3E2 - Brian Allen Carr: Marijuana Country Punk
S3E1 - Off The Record with Brianna Malotke: Hung High
S2E40 - Nothing Holds Up: Kyler Bingham (The Most Interesting Man on Earth)
S2E39 - Off The Record with Scott Mitchel May: Buckets of Beer
S2E38 - Patrick Barb: As Good As It Can Be For Now