S1E55 - Taylor Swift Did 9/11: an interview with Jack Moody
S1E54 - Off The Record with Jack Moody: The Art Of Nonbeing
S1E53 - Witchcraft and Womanhood with Hillary Leftwich
S1E52 - Off The Record with C. E. Hoffman: Writing Our Own Stories
S1E51 - ready for emotional internet party: an interview with Kevin Sampsell
S1E50 - Off The Record With Scott Mitchel May: Mean Men Behind meets Goin' Down South
S1E49 - RED (Austin's Version)
S1E48 - Off The Record with Austin Davis: Lotus & Fear meets Mac Miller
S1E47 - Reaching for Joy with Francis Daulerio
S1E46 - Whimsically Unhinged: an interview with Nada Alic