S1E15 - Off The Record: The 80's with Dmitry Samarov
S1E14 - The One With The Diet Coke Button: Weird Digressions with Dmitry Samarov
S1E13 - Every Little Thing: an interview with Taylor Johnson about life
S1E12 - Collapsing into Music with Kevin Bigley
S1E11 - Two Million Hours with Zac and Giac: a show about nothing
S1E10 - Las Vegas Bootlegger: Noah Cicero and The Idea of Authenticity
S1E9 - Florida Man: What's on the Menu with Chase Griffin
S1E8 - Live from IKEA: D.T. Robbins, Meatballs, and Tampons
S1E7 - It’s My Sniffle Party And I’ll Yacht Rock If I Want To: an interview with Claire Hopple
S1E6 - We Can All Be Sad Bois: a random conversation with Giacomo Pope