S2E39 - Off The Record with Scott Mitchel May: Buckets of Beer

Scott Mitchel May is a writer living in Madison, WI. His short fiction has been published in many literary journals including The Maryland Literary Review, HAD, W&S, Maudlin House, Bending Genres, and Rejection Letters.

He was the winner of the 2019 UW-Madison Writers' Institute Poem or Page Competition in the category of literary fiction, and his unpublished novel, Bridgeport Nowhere, was shortlisted for the 2022 Santa Fe Writers' Project Literary Award. 

His debut novel, Breakneck: or, it happened once in America, was published by Anxiety Press in late April 2023. He is also the author of the novelette, All Burn Down, forthcoming in October 2023 from Emerge Press, and his second novel Awful People: a ghost story is coming in early 2024 from Death of Print Books. 

He holds a GED from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and a BS in English Literature from Edgewood College. He tweets @smitchelmay

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