S1E37 - Friday night and the lights are low: an interview with Mike Keren

Mike Keren is a clinical psychologist with advanced training in psychoanalysis and family therapy. He currently maintains a private practice with adults and couples in central New Jersey, although in the past he has worked in a variety of community and correctional facilities. Although he has a general practice he has a particular interest in working with caregivers as well as helping families talk about end of life issues.

Mike enjoys a challenge in his free time and has explored the world of competitive gay tournament bowling (several trophies and a bit of prize money), golf (bored to tears) as well as stand-up comedy. His foray into stand-up comedy even became the subject of a friend’s senior thesis at film school.

Mike worked the open mic and bar comedy scene for several years but decided to leave the stage to the younger folks. He decided then to channel his humor into creative writing. If you are reading this paragraph you are holding his first book in your hands. It's called, Four Funerals, No Marriage: A Memoir.

Mike is supported in his endeavors by his loving husband, Tom, and their two canine children, Carley and Clyde. They divide their time between central New Jersey and the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.