S1E49 - RED (Austin's Version)

In this episode, we do our best to just talk about Austin’s new book and how music plays into it! But in the classic Textual Healing style, we get into very weird tangents. Cover bands. Four Lokos. Painting Nails. Taylor Swift. Fun playlist ideas. Everything. 

Austin Davis is a poet and activist. He is the founder AZ Hugs For the Houseless. Austin is the author of LOTUS & THE APOCALYPSE, among other books. His writing has been widely published in dozens of literary journals and magazines including Pif Magazine, After the Pause, Philosophical Idiot, Soft Cartel, and Collective Unrest.

You can find Austin on Twitter @Austin_Davis17 and on Instagram @austinwdavis1.

Here is his website: https://msha.ke/austindavis/

Check out articles about his activism and writing on

LitHub: https://lithub.com/poetry-is-a-form-of-love-austin-davis-on-bridging-art-and-activism-with-az-hugs-for-the-houseless/

NPR: https://www.knau.org/knau-and-arizona-news/2022-03-03/poet-austin-davis-finds-solace-in-art-with-lotus-the-apocalypse

Maudlin House: https://maudlinhouse.net/circles-and-self-care-an-interview-with-austin-davis-about-lotus-the-apocalypse/

SODA & TELEPATHS: https://sodaandtelepaths.com/austin-davis-lotus-the-apocalypse/

There were a few times when our mics got cut off and we had to restart certain parts of our conversation. Only one of those times is left in the episode for the sake of context. Taylor Swift context.