S1E23 - Before The Internet: have, has, HAD an interview with Aaron Burch

In this week's episode, I interviewed literary icon, Aaron Burch. 

Aaron Burch is the author of the memoir/literary analysis Stephen King’s The Body; the short story collection, Backswing; and the novella, How to Predict the Weather. He is the Founding Editor of HOBART.

He is working on a novel, a maybe-chapbook of short-short prose, and collection of essays, THIS WAS ALL BEFORE THE INTERNET, about growing up and music and religion, essays from which, about Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, and Alice in Chains, have appeared in Salon, Catapult, and The Smart Set.

He lives in Ann Arbor, MI with his collection of almost every ticket stub from a movie and concert he went to in the 90s and early 00s. He teaches at the University of Michigan.

We took time to talk about his music essays, concert experiences, and how Hobart got started. We even spoke about road trips and lock-ins.