S1E65 - Off the Record With J.D. O’Brien: Rock Bottom Again

J.D. O’Brien is the author of Zig Zag from_ _Schaffner Press. It comes out in January.


Capri Dall has a foolproof plan to knock over the marijuana dispensary where she works. But when her boyfriend botches the heist, the two of them end up in a stolen car with a trunkful of rare high-end weed--and an unhinged security guard on their trail.

Harry Robatore is a burned-out rhinestone cowboy, barely scraping by as a bail bondsman. Agreeing to help out an old pal, and settle his bar tab, he sets out to track down the lovers on the run. The chase begins in the San Fernando Valley and leads him deep into the heart of the Mojave Desert--building to an explosive showdown at a ghost town tourist trap.

Zig Zag is equal parts Elmore Leonard and Charles Portis--with Larry McMurtry's cowboy hat along for the ride.

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