S3E12 - Some Kind Of Situationship With Kirsti MacKenzie And Mallory Smart…

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Mallory Smart is a Chicago-based writer and Editor-in-Chief of Maudlin House. She is the host of the literary/music podcast Textual Healing and cohost of the horror movie podcast That Horrorcast. Her latest book, I Keep My Visions To Myself, just came out from With an X Books

Find her on Twitter: @malsmart

Kirsti MacKenzie has published in HAD, trampset, Identity Theory, and Rejection Letters. She studied creative writing at Humber College and Memorial University but learned the most from bathroom graffiti in dive bars. Kirsti is also the EIC of Major 7th Magazine. Her book, Better to Beg, came out earlier this year. She lives in Ottawa and can be found perpetually on her bullshit @KeersteeMack

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