S1E61 - Midnights with C.E. Hoffman

This is a special edition episode where I am joined by C.E. Hoffman to talk about Taylor Swift's new album, Midnights. We geek out about our favorite tracks, dive deep into how Taylor has grown as an artist, admit that neither of us were "swifties", and attempt to figure out what kind of literature Taylor Swift might be into.

For those who don't know C.E. Hoffman:

C.E. Hoffman is a published writer from Canada. Sluts and Whores, their #OwnVoices Urban Fantasy debut, was released Feb 2021 by Thurston Howl Publications. They’ve edited the e-zine Visceral Uterus since 2012. Meanwhile, their novels incubate. Inspirations run from Edith Wharton to Martin Millar to Zadie Smith. C’s brain hosts tea parties for Haruki Murakami and C S Lewis. J D Salinger rants to Allen Ginsberg while Allen makes eyes at Irvine Welsh. Michelle Tea recites with Assata Shakur, Joy Harjo, and Saul Williams. Shakespeare’s always there, but he’s shy. So are the musicians. (MCR, Marianas Trench, The Hold Steady, Azealia Banks, Eminem, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meredith Wilson…) C devours books. Favourites of late: There There by Tommy Orange, Jack Wang’s We Two Alone, and Neil S Reddy’s forthcoming JubJub Juice. They’re psyched to read Second Bell by Gabriela Houston, whilst enjoying Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo. C writes about magic, sex, and death. They hug trees, love cats, and clearly dig Taylor Swift's new album.

Website: https://cehoffman.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CEHoffman2

Select Publications: https://razorcake.org/sneaker-club-outer-rooms-june-body-and-brocoy-at-duffys-tavern-toronto-on-nov-21-2019-by-c-e-hoffman/…

https://maudlinhouse.net/gtfo-1/ https://punkpoetry.com/ce-hoffman/


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