S1E27 - Tinder is the Touch: an interview with Nicole Morning

In this episode, I interview Nicole Morning. We talk about Tinder, punk music, what's behind her writing, and how weird it is to be an adult.

She is the author of Selftitled* from Trident Press and _*Soft Animal_ from Hello America Stereo Cassette.

The stories and poems in Selftitled—as honest and charmingly chaotic as a deathbed confession—explore an America of tinder dates, mysterious scars, unflattering selfies, motherhood, and drugs. Things can be hard here, but self-pity will only distract from life's splendor. In Morning's work, the stars themselves toss beckoning pebbles at the bedroom window.

Nicole's stories and poems on Soft Animal are hard and graceful, flawless and troubled. Her writing is modern and relatable, unpretentious but deeply refined. Her voice is unique and human; a voice made for this form. You want to listen to this on long drives. You want to listen to this when you're supposed to be working. You want to listen to this. I'm telling you right now. You do.